Monday, February 19, 2007

Raw Foods Family's on Tonight's TV Show Wife Swap

A few months ago, an e-mail was circulating in which a TV reality show producer was seeking a raw foods family to be on their show. The participating family would be paid $20,000. There was a lot of talk in the raw foods community suggesting that it wasn't a good idea to participate, because the show would force rawies to eat cooked foods and would make fun of the raw foods lifestyle.

On tonight's episode of the reality show Wife Swap (which airs on ABC), one of the families is into raw foods, but they're not raw vegans. Still it should be interesting to watch this episode, to see how the fashion-forward other wife tries to get the raw family to eat cooked food. Here's an excerpt from a review of the episode:

In the second week of the swap, when the wives change the rules and turn the tables, Barbara tries to turn the Hess-Webbs on to a raw food diet and licks the kitchen floor to teach the family that germs are not to be feared. In an effort to show Robert that he's too attached to appearances, she tries to box up and throw away his prized collection of designer duds, and he throws out her raw foods in retaliation. Meanwhile Kim makes the Haigwoods eat cooked food and takes them all to a doctor, but her plan backfires when he pronounces the family healthy.

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