Sunday, February 18, 2007

Howard Stern, the Radio Guy, Eats Raw Food

According to New York Magazine's excerpt from Sarma Melngailis's blog, the Howard Stern of radio fame (not the Howard K. Stern who was involved with Anna Nicole Smith) eats raw food in her NYC restaurant, Pure Food and Wine.

It's tres cool to know that someone with as many diehard fans as radio-Howard eats raw food. But because I'm into high concept recipes, my favorite part of what Sarma wrote in that post is her description of certain things on her restaurant's menu for Valentine's Day:

"Rose petals in mache salad with candied pine nuts; shaved pineapple with mint, ginseng, and ginger; asparagus, winter truffle, and wild mushrooms en Papillote with creamed celeriac, endive, and wine-soaked black figs."

But as a purist, I'd chuck the wine and use freshly squeezed grape juice instead.

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