Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's best to eat fruits and vegetables in season, as well as locally grown and organic!

Blueberries in "Eyeball Soup" recipe from The Little Book of Raw Vegan Holiday Recipes.
Photo styled and shot by A.C. McCall

Kitchen Daily has a slide show of some fruits and vegetables that it's best to eat in season. It's important to make sure they're organically grown. Locally grown is also optimal, because long distance shipping uses too much energy, and because local produce is much fresher -- and fresh produce provides more nutrients.

Here are the notes I took from the slide show, which I wish had come with a chart:

  • Morel mushrooms: spring
  • Truffles: summer or winter (Gee, how many people can afford to buy truffles? And how many people find them in local markets? I've never ever had one, and I create and write about recipes!)
  • Oyster mushrooms and Chanterelle mushrooms: autumn
  • Asparagus: spring
  • Tomatoes: Organic only, and refer to this map for local seasons in the U.S.:
  • Green Beans: May through October
  • Strawberries (eat organic only): spring and early summer
  • Blueberries (eat organic or wild-grown only): summer
  • Oranges: November through June
  • Meyer lemons (buy organic if you're using the zest/skin): November through April
  • Cherries (eat organic only): May through August
Here's a link to the slide show, which has pretty photos:

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