Saturday, March 10, 2007

Oklahoma Library Held Raw Foods Talk and Buffet Meal

It's great to see raw food events in small towns in the middle of the country!

The Tahlequah, Oklahoma library featured a talk recently about raw foods and many raw dishes, as part of its monthly "Books Sandwiched In" series. Here's an excerpt from what the Tahlequah Daily Press reported about the event, quoting the organizer, George Kilmer:

People also should encourage the produce managers in their grocery stores to stock more organic fruits and vegetables, he said. “It’s not only the health of our bodies, but the health of the planet that’s at stake,” he said. Among the benefits of raw foods is that they contain their natural enzymes. Cooking destroys these enzymes. “They’re little proteins, and proteins are heat sensitive,” he said.

Kilmer plans to organize a local farmer's market next.

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