Thursday, March 1, 2007

Fox News' Dr. Manny Gives Good Health Award to Raw Foods

Inspired by Hollywood's Oscars, Dr. Manny Alvarez of Fox News gave out his first annual Good Health Awards, and one of them goes to raw foods!

Here's what he writes:

The Raw Foods, Raw Power Award
More and more people have been trying to get back to basics when it comes to food and nutrition. Buying organic foods is one way to eliminate the additives in processed foods, genetically-modified ingredients and insecticides, from your diet. Take it one step further, and you've got a raw foods diet.

Heating food causes the natural enzymes in food to break down, so the goal of the raw foods movement, according to its advocates, is to preserve the enzymes in food by eating only foods that have not been heated above a certain temperature--typically, 118 degrees. Food rich in enzymes is not only healthier, say raw foods advocates, it is also more easily digested and will help you feel more energetic and even look younger.

Raw foodists consume fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, and nuts, though some also add fish, meat and dairy products. There are concerns that individuals might not get all the nutrients they need from a diet that eliminates meats, fish, dairy, and processed foods, but having people think about the health benefits of foods in their more natural states might have more people making healthier choices with their cooked foods.

This Dr. Manny Award is to be shared between former super model Carol Alt and Woody Harrelson. These two celebrities have probably been the most visible in spreading the word on raw foods.

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