Friday, February 16, 2007

Raw Foods & Bill Gates' Money

What would you do for raw foods if you had Bill Gates' money? Here's what some people would do.

I wonder if Bill Gates has ever eaten at a great raw restaurant.


paul said...

I don't actually have Bill Gates money, in fact I am quite broke, so I myself would walk into the kitchen and wash off a couple carrots, give one to my son and come back in here and write a comment about it...MAN I wish I had money!!!

sketchgrrl said...

Thanks for your comment, Paul.
Actually there's no one in the world who has as much money as Bill Gates (the last time I read anything about that, anyway), so don't feel too bad. Although it would indeed be nice to have as much money as Oprah, or even any non-billionaire merely millionaire movie star, for that matter. But the point of the question was to get us all imagining what we would do if we could. By visualizing it in a joyful way, we can make it happen!