Monday, April 16, 2007

Kucinich is the Only Vegan Running for President

Kucinich is the only true peace candidate--the only one who voted against the war from the beginning, and never voted for any funding. He is the creator of The Dept. of Peace. He also wants to do away with our trade agreements, to bring jobs back to America. He has a 100 percent positive record on how he has voted on environmental and animal issue bills. He's vegan, meditates, is a pacifist. He's an amazing man, truly one of a kind. Please check out his website.


Marr Nealon
Volunteer, Kucinich for President Campaign


sketchgrrl said...

I love what Dennis Kucinich stands for and he's the only one of the many green Democratic candidates who's a vegan. And we know from a UN report that a vegan diet does more to stop global warming than even driving a hybrid car.

I would love for a woman--Hillary--to become president. But Dennis also has my heart. I wish the two of them would run together!

sketchgrrl said...

Since I posted that comment, I changed my mind about Hillary. She's too conservative for me. She said in a debate that she doesn't support a national ban on smoking (whereas I do), and she also said she is open to nuclear energy. I am fully supporting Dennis now!